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BioElectric Health
Online Classes

Helps Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Trauma, Chronic Disease, Addiction, ADD, ADHD, Hypertension, Fear, Digestive Issues, Headaches, EHS & more...
MONDAYS 8pm-9pm ET


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Empower Growth

Explore the science of your bioelectric nature. These classes give you missing links & tools to elevate your health, using:


  • energy meridian flushing, balancing & grounding techniques from ancient healing modalities

  • calm your nervous system using breath work & energy kinesiology techniques

  • learn self therapeutix specific to help many ailments, back pain, insomnia, fatigue etc...

  • limiting belief shedding to free up space & energy in your life

  • learn how to release vortexing emotions & mental hamster wheels getting in your way

  • tools to help you buffer the unprecedented, health challenging ElectroSmog in our environment

  • special guests


We Are BioElectric Beings

We are BioElectric Beings. Our hearts are electric (electrocardiogram), our brains are electric (electroencephalogram), every cell communicates with electrical impulses and that's why we must keep our electrolytes balanced and practice energy meridian management for optimal health. We must move beyond just the chemical model of pills to solve problem (with too many side effects). Quantum physics says energy informs matter.

5000 years ago the Chinese knew the meridian structure of the body and about 10-15 years ago we finally had the technology to prove it. That's why acupuncture is accepted by insurance companies now. Great news- you don't have to use needles to flush, clean & balance your body's energy systems, you simply use you hands! We must move past the chemical model of disease to our body's energy blueprint to achieve optimal health.

We eat food all day and convert that to energy and excrete what we don't need. However, we take in emotions, energetic static and crap all day- how do you get rid of that??? Detox your BioElectric Body and fill it with balanced voltage and light.

Learn these energy meridian and nervous system bio-hacks for better body balance and bliss.

Using the science of energy kinesiology to yin-yang-ify your life. Now more than ever with life's challenges and unprecedented ElectroSmog environmental stress, we need to tune our body and energy field. Wireless technology electromagnetic waves go through concrete walls AND our bodies, we need to address our bioelectric body and acupuncture/acupressure energy meridians for optimal health.