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Since 2008 I have been helping people get more from their body, mind & spirit. I'm your navigator! An Osteopathic Movement Specialist (Canada- Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy), CHEK Institute Exercise Practitioner with an extensive background and toolbox to help you overcome limitations and reach your goals.

Not only will you feel better, but you receive an education on holistic healthcare options for you and your family. You will learn how powerful you really are, have more energy, lessen chronic pain & retain tools to carry with you for the rest of your life!


Contact me for a 15 min complimentary phone strategizing session now!. 


Tools For Your Journey

Lisa will empower you with:

--Personal training & advanced Soma Training for muscle balance and to lessen pain

--European Osteopathic movement work for specific joint and spinal issues

--ELDOA Practitioner for spinal postural balance

--Energy Kinesiology to balance energy meridian system & nervous system, organs, emotions, clear trauma and the biofield

--Sound Tuning for clearing trauma, timeline work and biofield balance

--BioMagnetic Pair Therapy (BioMagnetism) for pathogens, injury

--Wellness Coaching for lifestyle balance or to help advocate for you or a loved one stuck in the broken sick care system

--Healthy Home Harmonizing to make your home a healthy haven, lessen EMF from dirty electricity, practice wireless tech hygiene, check for geopathic stress (especially in the bedroom) and set up a sleep sanctuary for optimal health

--Corporate Workshops for ergonomics, wellness, productivity & more


Anywhere, anytime

Discover how easy it is to do our work together entirely online from anywhere! Grab a private online session before a big meeting, after a stress, shock or trauma to process and balance your nervous system, or just to increase your body's performance for anything you do!

Call now for a 20 min complimentary phone consultation! Your time is now!

Online Yoga

Session & Classes with Lisa

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