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SomaFit is a big advocate for a safe environment for family health. The field of EpiGenetics (above and beyond the genes), illustrates that cells flourish or flounder based on their environment. This environment is the soup that they live in. It's created by our thoughts (that create chemical solutions that bathe our 50-70 trillion cells), the foods we eat (and the electrochemical reactions that occur and determine the bathwater for our cells), and our natural environment that signals our cells. This natural environment has been invaded by unprecedented man-made, non-native ElectroSmog Pollution that goes through walls and our bodies disrupting every system in our body and causing us to collide with our genetic destiny sooner. What disease you may have got in your 60s, now people are getting much earlier.


Every cell has a voltage gated cell membrane and the electromagnetic fields from ElectroSmog from our wireless devices causes oxidative stress in our cells (and a wide variety of symptomology in every system) and this is the basis of all disease. Our natural environments are also becoming proliferated with molds and pathogens as structures age and water damage is not remediated properly. Unfortunately Wireless radiation from our devices and cell towers actually increases mold growth and inside our bodies, increases biofilm, E-Coli and Staph infections. There's powerful reasons to practice Wireless Hygiene and lower your exposure to ElectroSmog so you don't hit your genetic destiny, but keep your cells happy!


Addressing ElectroSmog by making a Safe Tech Sanctuary and living mold free vastly improves health and allows our body's self regulating capacity to come back online and miraculously heal. Remember, when a flower doesn't bloom, you don't fix the flower, you fix the environment it's trying to grow in! 


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This is Lisa teaching a Soma Training class in Cedar Grove, NJ.

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