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SomaFit has your missing links-

  • ​Lisa helps you navigate your holistic health options using her toolbox and refers out to her extensive network so you have team options as well. You're no longer alone!

  • in depth, safe & effective exercise rooted in European Osteopathic principles.

  • Care for your BioElectric body using energy kinesiology to balance muscles, emotions, organs, meridians and the nervous system!

  • European ELDOA postural work for disc bulges and chronic pain issues.

  • BioMagnetic Pair Therapy for pathogens and injuries.

  • Sound Tuning for the nervous system, muscle and acupoint activation. 

  • Increase athletic performance, lessen injury risk, relieve chronic pain, get more from your body!

  • Lisa works with & refers to- Manual Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physios, functional medicine clinics and more.


Lisa Swarbrick

Since 2008 I have been helping people get more from their body, mind & spirit. I'm your navigator, Osteopathic Movement Specialist (Canada- Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy), personal trainer  & energy kinesiologist with an extensive background and toolbox to help you overcome limitations and reach your goals.

Not only will you feel better, but you receive an education on holistic healthcare options for you and your family. You will learn how powerful you really are, have more energy, lessen chronic pain & retain tools to carry with you for the rest of your life!

Your time is now! 





BioElectric Body Health "Sci-Chi" Online Classes
Lisa Swarbrick

BioElectric Body Health "Sci-Chi" Online Classes

Enjoying Outdoor

Who is your primary care giver?

Who is your primary care provider? YOU are. No one spends more time with you than you, therefore no one has more opportunity to care for you than yourself. We provide tools, we assist, we guide, we support, we educate, we nudge, we push, we inform and we get you moving, but YOU must carry it forward. Those who succeed are the ones who no longer look only outward for their health, but within for their innate power of healing. We can point the way, but YOU have to do the work. If you are ready to start your journey and live the life you want, give us a call now! Everyone always says they wish they got over their fear and came to us sooner!


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